Antiulcer Activity of Chloroform Extract of Cyperus rotundus

Atul Kumar Gangwar1, Ashoke K Ghosh2

1S.R. Institute of Pharmacy, Bhuta, Bareilly, (U.P.), 243001

2School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, IFTM University, Moradabad, (U.P.) 

Received: 18th April, 17; Revised 18th May, 17, Accepted: 16th June, 17; Available Online:25th June, 2017 


Cyperous rotundus Linn. belonging to family Graminae, commonly known as “Nut Grass”, contains number of chemical constituents, mainly cyperenone, cyperol, cyperolone, cyperone camphene, limonene, oleanolic acid and sitosterol etc.. Chloroform extract of Cyperous rotundus two doses, viz., 200 and 400 mg /kg were evaluated by ethanol induced method using Ranitidine (50mg/kg) as standards. The standard drugs and the test drugs were administered orally for 14 days in ethanol induced method. The results of the present study showed that the chloroform extract of Cyperous rotundus possessed gastro protective activity as evidenced by its significant inhibition of mean ulcer score and ulcer index. The present experimental findings suggest that Cyperous rotundus may be useful for treating peptic ulcers. Preliminary phytochemical screening of extracts revealed the presence of the bioactive compounds, such as alkaloids, anthroquinones, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, saponins, steroids and tannins. The study revealed specific identities for Cyperous rotundus linn.

Keywords: Cyperous rotundus, Ethanol induced method, Ranitidine, Cyperenone and Ulcers.

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International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research