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1. Phytochemical and Toxicological Studies of An Aqueous Trunk Bark Extract of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) Benth (Mimosaceae)
Yomalan Kassi, Kiessoun Konaté, Semi Anthelme Nene Bi, Alain Souza, Etienne Ehouan Ehilé

2. Medicinal potential of weed Echinochloa colona (l.) Link: A Review
Singh Sumitra, Parul, Sharma Nidhi

3. In vitro and In vivo Anti-inflammatory Activities of Mesua ferrea Linn
Krishna Chaithanya K, Gopalakrishnan,V.K., ZenebeHagos ,Nagaraju B, Kamalakararao K, Haftom Kebede, Patricia Ponce Noyola, John DogulasP ,Tentu Kasi Naidu ,GovindaRao D

4. Antihelminthic Activity in Aqueous Leaf Extract of  Moringa oleifera  Lam.
Anitha. R and Sahaya Kalaivani


5. Comparative Head Space GC/MS Studies of Different Flavoured Moàssel in the Egyptian Market (I)
Marwa M. Ismail, Ashraf N. E. Hamed, Mostafa A. Foad, Mohamed S. Kamel

International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research