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1. An Updated Review on Orodispersible Table (ODTs)
Saini Pushpendra Kumar, Arora Namita
In recent times, there has been an enhanced demand for more patient compliant dosage forms. Oral route has been the gold standard in the administration of medications due to its safety, good patient compliance, ease of ingestion, pain avoidance and.  The pediatric and geriatric populations may benefit from advantages such as simplicity of administration and convenience of usage. Mentally retarded patients, institutionalized patients and those travelling without access to water face a challenge as well. ODTs are solid unit dosage form which when placed in the oral cavity swiftly disintegrates or dissolves without the need of water. ODT technology helps overcome the above mentioned challenges. Several orodispersible medication formulations have recently been brought to the market. The use of oral lyophilizers and orodispersible granules or films has expanded the therapeutic options. This study focuses on ODTs, a novel method in drug delivery systems increasingly emphasized in the formulation industry. Due to super disintegrants in the formulation, an orally disintegrating tablet dissolves in the mouth within a minute in the presence of saliva and without the need to drink extra water. This study focused on the technologies that are now accessible and the progress that has been achieved in the field of ODTs manufacturing. Apart from traditional formulation processes, this review delves into the details of certain novel technologies such as freeze drying, direct compression, tablet molding, sublimation, and fast dissolving films, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Several scientists have created ODTs using patented technologies such as Zydis, wow tab, flash tab, Oroquick, and Orosolv technology.


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