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It is not a comprehensive list but is useful for authors, who are writing manuscripts in their early career stages. If you are an experienced author and found something missing please contribute your point to with subject “Checklist for New Authors”.

The manuscript should have something new to report

This is the first thing and the priority which needs to be set by authors before starting the manuscript. The title of the manuscript and the contents should focus on what the authors are reporting for the current work. If you report something which is already established by other authors, then it is not a good manuscript and for most of the times, it will attract negative comments from reviewers.

When in confusion, “Cite”

Citations are synonyms for references. Several times authors cannot decide weather the information they are using is obvious or needs citation. Here is what you need to know. For obvious information, citations are not compulsory for non-obvious information i.e. the information which is not present widespread and the reader of your manuscript needs to know about the source from where you obtained that information/result then you should cite. If you are unsure about weather the information is obvious or non-obvious then “cite” . There is no harm in citing the source but there is problem when you do not cite the source to the original researchers.


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