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1.Pharmacognostic Study and Establishment of Quality Parameters of Leaves Of Bombax insigne Linn.
Pandya D J, Desai T R,  Nadpara N P, Mehta H A, Modi A M

2. Antiulcer Activity of Methanolic Extract of Ziziphus mauritiana Stem Bark
Panchal Siddharth, Panchal Kailash, Vyas Niraj, Modi Karuna, Patel Vimal, Bharadia P, Pundarikakshudu K

3. Phytochemical Screening and Anthelmintic Activity of Crotalaria pulchra (Andr).
Rama Devi M, Siva Subramanian N, V R M Gupta, Sree Giri Prasad B, Srinath K R, Naveen Kumar L

4. Antiasthmatic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Sphaeranthus Indicus
M S Prajapati, M B Shah, A K Saluja, U D Shah, S K Shah

5. Extraction and evaluation of roots of Decalepis hamiltonii for antidiabetic activity
Sumalatha G, Vidya Sagar J, Ragini V, Suresh K

6. Isolation, Characterization and Evaluation of Anti-Convulsant Activity of Rubus racemosus
P R Kumar, V Vaidhyalingam

7. Anti-ageing Ability of Terminalia species with special reference to Hyaluronidase, Elastase inhibition and collagen synthesis In-vitro.
Satardekar K V, Deodhar M A

8. Fatty Acid Glucosides from Roots of Cichorium intybus Linn.
Rajkumarai, Ali M, Aeri Vidhu

9. Sedative Properties of Methanol Extract of Rhizome of Cyperus tegetum Roxb.
Chaulya N C, Haldar P K, Mukherjee A

10. Phenolic Constituents and Antioxidant Efficacies of Some Mauritian Traditional Preparations Commonly Used Against Cardiovascular Disease
Neergheen V S, Bahorun T, Pugo-Gunsam P,  N Foong Lin D, Ramful D, Aruoma O I

11. Hepatoprotective Activity of Extracts From Stem of Calycopteris floribunda Lam. Against Carbon tetrachloride Induecd Toxicity in Rats.
M Chinna Eswaraiah, T Satyanarayana.

International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research